Often life puts us in a situation where we have to justify our actions, what we said, to the society. And in those times, we should STAND UP for ourselves. If you think you are right, then STAND UP and say. Justify how you are right. Instead of listening to what others expect you to do, say what you feel is right for you.


Don’t let others manipulate you into doing something you don’t want to do. I’m not saying to disrespect their feelings and emotions and just boss around. What I mean by ‘STANDING UP’ for yourself is that when you feel that something around you is off-beam, you don’t feel right, say it out loud.

Is it rude to justify yourself? Is it insolent to have your opinions on the said topic?

I feel that it’s not rude to have an opinion. After all, we all are individuals having different opinions about almost everything.

For reading more click on the link below to read the full blog.

You can raise your opinions in my blog as well by commenting on what you feel is right or wrong. I’m open to having an open-mind conversation with my Gratisouls!

Until then live positively and happily!



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