When we were in kindergarten, writing down the alphabets properly and reciting poems was the biggest challenge for us. As we mature, so does our problems. But somehow, we manage to survive and move on with our lives. Some problems take a toll on our health while others are trifling. But all these quandary circumstances shaped us into who we are now.

Every age has its own fair share of problems, sorrows, jovial and startling moments and instead of cherishing it we tend to focus on just solving our problems and trying to get to that stage where we are happy and stable. Well, lemme tell you, that stage of utmost content and happiness doesn’t come with age, but with your mindset irrespective of age. Instead of embracing we are engrossing ourselves into that same predicament over and over again.

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Let’s become a ‘Gratisoul‘ together!!

Until then live positively and happily!!



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