What is Half glass full?

Hey! 'sup? Did anything pop up in your mind when you saw the title of this blog? You might be wondering what do I probably want to convey by this title? Keep on guessing as of now... I'll disclose something related to this in my next blog. Until then, I welcome each and every suggestion … Continue reading What is Half glass full?



What is your ultimate aim? Do you want to become rich? Do you want to get what you always desired to have? Well then keep on reading. I'll guide you on how to become rich! What do I actually mean when I say how to become rich? Well, rich doesn’t always signifies monetary benefit. If … Continue reading HOW TO BECOME RICH?


I often find myself asking the above question. But the veracity is that nobody actually knows who they are because figuring out oneself is an ongoing process. Finding it a bit vague? Well it can get a lil bit confusing but I’ll let you through it. Life tests us at every point and irrespective of … Continue reading WHO AM I?